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Welcome to the fan/author art gallery. What follows is a "guided tour" of Archangel Protocol (and/or its universe) inspired sketches. If you want to enlarge anything you see, just click on the image.


Mai portrait

Jessica Daryl Turner sent me this lovely picture of Mai via Facebook.







Amariah portrait

Jessica Daryl Turner sent me this lovely picture of Amariah via Facebook. She writes: "Told you I would be sending you some fan arts. This is amariah. It didnt turn out how I wanted... and I may try again. but this will do for now. .... I have emmaline drawn too ---"





Circuit Dragon Detail

midlife_wreck from LiveJournal found this picture on a tee-shirt for sale on, which reminded her of my Dragon of the East. I have to say, it's a darned good likeness. Much better, IMHO, than the one that appeared on the cover of Fallen Host.





Mouse portrait

Xochiquetzl commissioned this portrait of Mouse from "the insanely talented fan artist Undun" as a birthday present.

Xochiquetzl writes this very funny note:

Dear Ms. Morehouse,

It is my sad duty to inform you of the untimely death by squee of Xochiquetzl. She had the stomach flu, and apparently the intensity of squee brought on by certain items arriving via mail from Australia was too much for her to take in her weakened state.

Her survivors have asked me to pass on a scan of the instrument of her demise, attached herewith. Please use caution while opening the attachment, as it has already caused one fatality. The law firm of Cheatem, Fleecem, and Leavem accepts no responsibility for injuries caused by said attachment.

Eric Fictional


tee-shirt mouse by leela

From Leela.

My new, true-blue fan Xochiquetzl has commissioned this fabulous "Free Mouse" T-shirt art from fan artist Leela, and has made it available for you to order at at What's all those funny letters? Why, that's Russian! How well do *you* remember your AngeLINK trivia?? Just in time for Summer Soltace gift giving! Order several hundred for your friends and family!




page and dragon by Corbin

From Corbin Fraiser.

About his piece he writes: I felt the need to photoshop something with Page and Dragon. I originally attempted the scene where...the angel that was in camo came into the ugly bathroom and was trying to take Rye, Where he was knelt over with his wings out, and Rye was just standing curious and in awe. I believe it was in Messiah Node. Perhaps in time i can finish that, but for now this is what I came up with. Thanks for the great books!



Satan, Fetcher of Coffee

From Shannon Deonier Hi! I said I'd try to send more fanart, apologies for taking so long. I started reading AA just the other day and how could I not draw a cute little Morningstar? I wish he was MY errand boy! heh. but anyway, I hope you like it. Em didn't turn out quite as I would have liked, and now I'm just itching to draw Strife... Anyway... oh yes! I almost forgot! I used that last piece I sent of Morningstar as an assignment in one of my art classes. My teacher was curious as to who the character was, so I proudly announced, "That's Satan. He's a babe." Scored me an A- not bad! At any rate, hope the comic brightens your day!




Shannon's Morningstar

From Shannon Deonier She writes: "I came across the book Fallen Host by pure chance at the local library. I usually don't grab a book just because it looks cool, but the cover was interesting, so I snagged it.

I guess what intrigued me the most was all the detail that went into it. It seems like you have done a lot of research! I also really like that it is written in first person. It makes it feel... more believable I think. It lets you feel a lot more in tune with a character and understand their motives and such. After reading it, I went on to the next book, and now I'm finally going back and reading the first one.

I found your website and decided there wasn't enough fanart. So I really hope you like the picture. It's Morningstar, or at least, the way I see him. Hope you don't mind that it's anime-style, that's I draw. well, thanks for your time! I'm looking forward to Apocalypse Array"



Kitty's Morningstar

This is from Kitty.


" is my pic of Lucifer. I don''t know whether it''s exactly how I perceive him, but this is how he came out of my pen.

This is when he flies in Hatred, perhaps just spotting Em. Hope you like it."









Skyler's Amariah

Skyler (aka sukireru) says this:

"right~. the drawing! i wanted to make amariah a little older, and thought about this for a while. teenagers are pretty insecure as it is [i'm living proof!]; i'm sure it doesn't help any to have the weight of being the messiah on your shoulders. it sort of seemed to me that even though she might be afraid, unsure, just as anyone would, she would still be strong - after all, the one and only deidre mcmannus is her mother, & her father is the archangel michael. & after listening to third eye blind's 'motorcycle drive by' & reading the lyrics through, i thought it would be a nice sort of theme song [so that's where the lyrics on the side of the piccu come from]. & as for the wing-thing? i don't know~ i thought it would be interesting to show her angelic heritage somehow, ^^. but i didn't want it to be really prominent, you know? ah well. i'm just rambling now~. [oh, and her outfit? it's a sort-of variation of the black velvet dress she was wearing throughout messiah node.]"


Nicole Lorenz' Mai with Eye

Mai (with the eye) from Nicole Lorenz. I BEGGED Nicole for a copy of this picture when I saw that it was a part of Simley High School's Art Program. What I love about it? You can see Mai's cybernetic eye! (and of course, there's Page as a mouse!!)












Nicole Lorenz' Mai

From Nicole Lorenz, a talented writer as well as an artist, who I had the pleasure of meeting at Simley High School when I spent the day there as part of MISFIT's authors in the schools program. This is, quite obviously, her vision of Mai.









Nicole Lorenz' Page

Nicole's Page.

Of this piece, she says: "Page doesn't look as innocent as I usually picture him--this is how he might look when he answers calls at Mouse's House, trying to look more like his creator."






Christine Rivera's Morningstar

Christine Rivera's Morningstar in color












From artist Christina Rivera. One in color and one black and white, she sent along the color version later. I hope you enjoy both. Here's what she says, "I've been frequenting your website for some time so, no, the art gallery did not go unnoticed. I thought I'd make a contribution of my own if that's okay with you.

Here you are. My personal vision of Morningstar. He was my favorite in Archangel Protocol, and Fallen Host just sealed the decision.

Thank you so much for writing them."

Hey, I'm just thrilled to have inspired such talented artists. Thank you!


Adam's Page with binary

Another fantastic addition to the gallery. This from Adam Chodoff. Here's what he said:

"Hello, hello... just finished Fallen Host (yes, it's 1:00 am) and in a fit of sleepy inspiration I decided to draw Page as I think he might look like in real life... Page is definitely my favorite character in both AP and FH. He's just so... Page!!! I don't know... I just like him lots.

Hope you like it~!!!"


You're kidding, right? I love it!!! Thanks for sending it, Adam.


Tammie's Morningstar and Em

This came from a reader named Tammie (she didn't send a long a last name, alas.)

Here's what she said about it: "...DAMN that was a good book! I've become very attached to the character of Morningstar and have drawn several anime-style pictures of him, and one of him and Em, which I've very proud of, and as soon as I get a chance I'll scan it and email it to you. Sorry, it's in black and white, but I have no means by which to color with it. Anyhow, I'm almost literally itching to read your next book. I CAN'T WAIT UNITL JUNE!!!"

I'm only sorry that my version isn't darker. Please double-click on this so that you can see how wonderfully detailed Tammie's piece is. Thanks so much, Tammie! This was my first piece of fanart, and it came on my birthday (November 18). It was the inspiration for this fan gallery, and I think it was one of the best birthday presents I've ever gotten.

Tammie's Morningstar and Hatred


Another gift from Tammie. Here's a bit more of what she said in her first email:

"...damn, more morningstar, I say! I always have liked the character of the devil and whatnot, not the stereotypical red guy with horns, but somewhat more like your interpretation. Although I now picture him as my 7th grade math teacher who also had that hair color and build (I thought he was cute too ^^0)."



If you have anything you'd like to donate to the gallery please (please!) email me at



In addition, I have a number of sketches that are part of my "idea"/plot notebook/journal. I've included them, "in situ," for your enjoyment.

Sketch of Michael



I don't think this quite captures my vision of Michael. People have asked me a number of times who I would like to have play Michael if there was ever a movie made out of Archangel Protocol, and I have no idea. Ten years ago, I might have said Michael Paré..





Scene from the interogation room


I had a strong visual for the moment in the interrogation room where Dee first sees Michael through the eyes of the cybernetically enhanced FBI agent. I sketched it (partial in pencil, and part in pen). If you click on this you can clearly read my plot notes.





Small doodle of Deidre


I'm guessing the tiny image in the corner was my idea of Dee. Probably the more interesting stuff is the notes on this page.

So, who would play Dee in a movie? This one I really don't know. Someone once suggested Emma Thompson, but I don't think she's quite right. Why don't you tell me







Morningstar, perhaps.

Shawn and I decided that Antonio Banderas would actually make a kick-ass Satan, even though he looks absolutely NOTHING like the way Morningstar is described in Archangel Protocol.






Morningstar from Fallen Host


Here was another instance where I had a really strong visual come into my head before I wrote it. This is Morningstar's strange melding with "Hatred" near the end of Fallen Host. You'll notice this is on graph paper. New book, new notebook.








Rebeckah color sketch


REBECKAH! As the comic book like name announces. I apparently had some colored highlighers and too much time on my hands for this one. Damn, you know, looking at this picture I remember that I forgot to make references to Rebeckah's scar in Messiah Node.








Kioshi. Not exactly as described in the book (for one, where are his rose colored glasses?). Kioshi has had many versions in my brain. This, apparently, is the long haired version.








My design for the Inquisition symbol


This is the Inquisition's symbol and a lot of notes about the current Interpol. Okay, I added this one gratuitously, but I was surprised to come across it.





That's it for now. What I need are more contributions from YOU, the readers. I will add more of my own doodles as I pen them, so look for art from Apocalypse Array and more.