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Archangel Protocol

Fallen Host

Messiah Node

Apocalypse Array


After Archangel Protocol

Dee [vignette]



"Missing" from Fallen Host
Em and Morningstar


"Missing" from Apocalypse Array (in .PDF format)



Non-Mouse Fiction:

Alternate Beginning of Fallen Host

To Catch A Gene Thief




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Welcome, Gentle Reader

Mouse's House exists to serve you, the reader who finished one of the books by Lyda Morehouse and find yourself craving MORE, MORE!

This page is now organized by novel and type of fiction. Please let me know if you don't find it satisfactory. (For a while, I'll be keeping the navigation bar to the left, what follows below will hopefully clarify what's where and what's what.)

UPDATED January 3, 2011



PRE-Archangel Protocol

Nothing here yet, though I have started a short story that takes place in the Black-Out Years with Mouse as the protaganist.


POST-Archangel Protocol

A vignette that takes place after the end of the epilogue of Archangel Protocol. The date is June 2079 (making Dee, approximately eight months pregnant).

Dee [vignette] "I looked over at the depression Michael left in our cot. We had fallen asleep with his hand cupping my extended, pregnant belly. I woke up because I needed to pee, and he was gone again."

Mouse's letters to Deidre (and her reply) from prison

Mouse [1] "The trial went well, don't you think?"
Mouse [2] "Sadly, the white noise treatments they’re trying aren’t helping my infojones."
Dee's reply [1] "It's me. Dee. Yeah, I know. I can almost imagine you dropping over dead when you get this message"
Mouse [3] "Okay, I'm officially floored. And, well, strangely touched."
Mouse [4] "So what... did I say something to offend your delicate sensibilities in my last letter?"

'News' involving Dee

News [1] LINK-ANGEL Hero Caught in Possible Sex Scandal
News [2] Pregnant Hero On the Run, Police Stumped (Star Tribune)
News [3] Pope Hospitalized, Wound Self-Inflicted (Star Tribune, March 20, 2079) with Mouse commentary
News [4] Still On the Run (Saint Peter Herald, March 24, 2079)
News [5] Search Called Off (Red Wing Gazette, March 25, 2097)

Transcripts from prison (Interviews with Mouse aka Christian El-Aref)

Transcript [1] Interviewer: Tell me about your childhood. Mouse: Mericful Allah, couldn't you be more original than that?
Transcript [2]Mouse: Is... is this the right place?



PRE-Fallen Host (yes, there's a difference)

Alternate Beginning to Fallen Host

Alternate Beginning You'll recognize some stuff, but there's much new here.


DURING Fallen Host

Removed Sex Scene (warning: explicit)

Em and MorningstarA sex scene between Em and Morningstar

DURING Apocalypse Array

Scenes from Mouse's P.O.V. that were removed from the final edit of Messiah Node. They're all in .pdf format because I'm lazy and they're LONG. They were, after all, functioning as actual chapters until I made the midnight decision to remove them from A.A. If you complain often and loudly enough I may be convinced to change them to .html.


Thus endith the psuedo-canon...

...which is to say, stuff written by me. Now, on to work by other authors (uhm, including myself under a psudeonym,) in my universe.





Part One: Hell Hath No Fury by Sarah Brown

"Matt, the Guard I hate work. Work here is boring. What would you expect from a bank? Why do they even have a hack guard? The tech on the firewalls they have for their accounts and databases now are incredible. I couldn’t even hack them, and I practically know them backwards and forwards. Not that I’d want to hack a bank, mind. Like I want to end up in a bioluminescent four by four cell for the rest of my life."


Morningstar by Nicole Lorenz

"I walked along the cracked cement of the trail, letting the park noises drift along around me. Somewhere nearby children played on rocks, relaxing business folk read the paper over cups of mass-produced coffee, and young lovers intertwined their fingers between them on park benches. Everyone was in such a fucking good mood. Still, it was good to be back."


The Storm by Eric Nette

The LINK's Brilliant ether was soothing and bright as I moved my Avatar quickly through the streets of the New York node. I could feel the LINK flow and pulse around me like a lulling stream. When I moved I exerted no force but simply used the current to push myself along. I flowed and drifted, my avatar gave all onlookers the image of a man drifting along with a cloak on. I passed several neon signs and screaming advertisements but none were what I was looking for....



Now, do I have to remind you kids that slash is for grown-ups? You need to be 18 or older to be clickin' these links, got it? Also, they are organized by pairing.




Another Surrender by Anna-chan

Michael paced the interior the belfry, wondering if he could've prevented Deirdre from leaving the church. A walk, she had told him. That was hours ago. He bit his lip to keep from cursing himself. He could've at least put up a fight, blocked the door, or *followed her.*

Coffee and Promises by Jennifer Pelland

I like it when he rants outside my shop. It helps bring in the customers.




Allah's Will by Armand LeBeau

Pious Muslims know that it is a great honor to surrender their will to a Higher Power. Me, I've never been a very good Muslim. That is, until I discovered that Allah could be one seriously hot mama in size twelve purple leather pumps.

Somewhere That Isn't Here by Xochiquetzl

I was so busy shoving things into my duffel bag that I don't even notice Ariel standing there for a moment, watching me with a sympathetic expression. Well, in my defense, I wasn't really doing a very good job packing, either. I stop for a moment, and we sort of stare at each other. Finally, I ask her, "What?" It comes out a little more hostile-sounding than I intend.




Allah's Avatar, Part One: Wicked Angels by Armand LeBeau

Nothing about Morningstar is what you could call a “soft touch.”




Allah's Avatar, Part Two: Angel of Mercy by Armand LeBeau

I lie on the floor, listening to the soft sound of rain against the window. The wind rattles the pane. It would have been pleasant, if the taste of a certain supreme bastard didn’t still linger on my tongue.



Thus endith the boy-on-boy action, and now for something completely different...




The Promised One by Xochiquetzl

"Deirdre stretched, her pregnant belly feeling like it was stretching in the opposite direction. Micheal mumbled something in his sleep and rolled over."


Dee[1].olf by Nicole Lorenz

Smells are difficult. You can record and upload audio and visuals easy as cake, and to a degree, touch, but the LINK has no easy file conversion for smells. I’ve had Page searching sensory databases all day for cooking bacon – he’s retrieved 114 variations from users, none of them quite right.

Control-Alt-Break by Xochiquetzl

The red chair is probably a little too comfortable for coding. IT smells like coffee, probably because he spilled a lot of it there this morning. There's a monitor on the table next to him, with white letterson a black background spelling out his latest code in progress.

Fictitious Liasons by Xochiquetzl

I had a program monitoring Dee's fan board, not that the moderators realized I was there. No way that bunch of amateurs would figure out this particular rodent had set up shop in their walls. My algorithm ranked censored posts as more interesting based on how quickly they were deleted. Most of them were lame, but sometimes there were some hidden gems in there among the crap.

Fictitious Liasons 2: Fictional and Dangerous by Xochiquetzl

Never be a drama queen to an AI. They don't take it well.