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Hey, Mouse--

It's me. Dee.

Yeah, I know. I can almost imagine you dropping over dead when you get this message. Please don't. I feel like I've lost far too many people in my life already.


Uh, is this thing still on? Look, this is part of why I never recorded any letters for Danny. I don't know what to say. You're in jail and I put you there. I wouldn't have thought you--of all people--would want to hear from me.

Okay, focus, Dee.


Well, let's see. In your letter you implied you wanted to know where I was and what I was up to. So, here it is. I'm safe. I'm with Rebecca... damn it, translator--that's R-e-b-e-c-k-a-h, get it right next time. Anyway, after all the heat came down about my pregnancy, I found my way to Rebeckah's (there you go!) place. She always takes me in, though I'll never know why.

Oh, and don't ask me who the baby's father is. You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

I'm not in Uganda. But more than that I really can't say. I'm sure the cops could care less about tracking me down, but I don't want to give birth in a prison cell. Oh. Right. Sorry about that, but you don't want to be there. So why would I? Anyway, I'm scared enough at the idea of having to have the baby outside of the hospital. Rebeckah keeps saying she knows all these underground midwives that the Unitarians have trained--but, I dunno. So much could go wrong. I wish I wasn't alone.

Michael... There's this man at Rebeckah's place. He's been very kind, but he's not quite the same. Not dependable, honestly. Some days he forgets to bathe. He... he wanders off for days at a time. Preaching to the other lost souls, I guess. I just wish I had someone more... present. I don't know. He sacrificed a lot to come back, but... Oh, look, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about anyway.

I should go. I just wanted you to know that I got your letters. A kid, one of your people, I guess, dropped them off at my office. Luckily, I got them before the police did, and I managed to track down the urchin and pay him to find me at the place I'm at now. So, if you want to, you can continue to write.

I erased the date:time:source code from this message package. So, I'll tell you. It's June. The sun has been really bright and warm, though we could use a bit more rain.

Oh, and hey, Mouse. I'm sorry. I'm sorry they took away your newspapers. That seems harmless enough. I did get in touch with your lawyer. So, hopefully he'll make things better for you. I wish... Damn it. I have to go.