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I am working full time at Project Consulting Group. I have been back at work for 1 1/2 months since my maternity leave was up. I would like to only work 4 days a week, but until Mike starts working again, I am the bread winner in the family while Mike stays home to take care of the kids.

We did a lot of traveling this summer to see family since I was on maternity leave and Mike was laid off from his job. It was nice that the whole family got to do many things together this summer. The whole family was together for a week over the fourth of July. Kim & Glen, DeAnn & Eric, Mike & I, Kyle & Kayla, and mom and dad had a great time going to the lake.

Our next trip is the first weekend in October to attend the craft show in East Grand Forks. After that we plan on going to Kansas to visit Aunt Jan, Uncle Lynn and the kids for Thanksgiving. We are still trying to decide on flying there or driving. Kim, Glen, DeAnn, and Eric along with mom and dad plan to go too.

Our family is doing great. Kyle loves his sister and has to tell everyone that he has a baby sister and her name is Kaya. He still doesn't prounounce the "l" in Kayla.

Mike and I went to the State Fair for the first time and had fun. Then we went to the Renaissance Fair on September 7 with Jim and Ginie Mayland. We had four kids with us since they also have a boy and girl. Mike and I are thinking about going again since I got another free ticket.