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I have had a fun summer with mom and dad both being home to take care of me and my baby sister, Kaya.

Mom and Dad have been trying unsucessfully to get me toilet trained, then I went to visit Grandma and Grandpa (both Stennes and Schlieman). Grandma Judy and Grandma Linda got me potty trained in August when dad and I went to EGF to go to the Cat Fish Days. Mom was thrilled when I came back home and could wear big boy underwear instead of diapers.

I got a 12" bike from a neighbor and I learned how to ride the bike with training wheels very quickly. Mom and dad are always yelling at me to slow down and stop at the corners. I will stop at corners, but I don't like to slow down, that takes out all the fun.

I went to the Renaissance Fair with my best friend Corran. We had so much fun playing on the hay bails, playground, and rocks. Mom didn't like us to play on the rocks, she thought we might get hurt. My favorite food was the corn on the cob on a stick. It was yummy! I was made a knight of the realm by the Prince because I completed my quest and found all the hidden treasures.

I went to Sunday School for the first time on September 7. I had fun coloring and singing. I have to learn the Lord's Prayer by May. Mom and I have been working on the first line.