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The world is increasingly becoming a global community. World Music, or World Beat, is now a part of the mainstream. Although not categorically defined as a reference to such music as Indian Ragas, or Japanese Gagaku, the idea of a world music reflects our new understanding of the inclusion of cultures. It is this appreciation, and acceptance of the artistic expressions of people in far off lands that idealistically bonds us as one. This site and these links are meant to connect the world by pointing out our similarities and, breaking down borders.The seminar is to help people better understand their neighbors by understanding the cultures they come from through music, utilizing the most basic and intrinsic element in our common musical heritage - the drum .

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Farm In The City
My World Music class for the Farm In The City program for kids in St. Paul, Mn, during the summer was well received. I focused on music in nature, in my small planet workshop, bringing the sounds of Pan-Pacifica, Asia, the Americas, Europa, and Africa to life for the kids to experience. All the kids got a chance to hear and play original ethnic instruments I presented to them. I explained where they are from and how to play them. One of the main projects I had was, "The Junkestra". The kids gathered and utilized household utensils and recycled items to experiment with sounds and things they never thought were musical.

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Taiko Ring International promotes the appreciation and development of Taiko worldwide.
The PercoLetter has info about activities and links to other percussion and related sites. Favorite Site's are links I can recommend which may be very informative and useful for exploring and understanding culture on our small planet. Click the image above to go to the page. The Question Mark, at the left, accesses the Percussion Quizzes I use for my workshops. There are many quizzes, to be used for discussion and evaluation. I hope you find them interesting and enjoyable. Check the programs of Drums From A Small Planet and see if you may want to join one.

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With the correct plug-in, you can hear a Log Drum. Log drums are used in most tropical and forested regions of the world. They are known as Krin in West Africa, or Slit drums in various Polynesian locales. Following the voice, they are one of the earliest forms of communication known to man and possibly the first musical instrument, after the human body. Carved out of tree trunks, and elaborately decorated with emblems and totems, these drums carried the pulse of the village for ceremonies, entertainment, and communication. What do YOU think this rhythm is saying?

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