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Welcome to Taiko Ring International

Minasan yookoso! Greetings to all of you. This ring is for groups, players, and enthusiasts of Taiko drumming. If you are part of a group, an educator, or a producer of drums, we invite you to become a member of the ring. Join at the Taiko Webring site.

If you are new to the Webring system, CLICK HERE, to see the sites and visit one in The Taiko Ring. We believe this ring will greatly benefit the world of taiko by joining the wonderful and informative sites that are available. Please tell your friends and taiko associates.
Dozo yoroshiku.

Ken Thomas


Here are the instructions for joining Taiko Ring International.

1) Please visit the Taiko Webring site to join.
2) After you submit the form, you will be sent to the webring confirmation page with the HTML Navigation Bar code that you need to insert on your site in order to become part of Taiko Ring International.
3) An alternate loadable Code is also here for your convenience if you do not want the navigation bar. Taiuko site managers can copy the code below and make appropriate edits for their site's information.
4) Download a Taiko Ring Logo listed here for your page and place it on your site's server. You can also use the navigation bar at Webring afer you join. It is up to you.

Your site will be checked, for the correct URL, taiko content, and Ring Code, then added to the index by the Taiko Ring moderator. Members may return at any time to edit site list information.

Taiko Ring management

The Ring ID is - odaiko.
If you forget your Site ID go to the Index of Sites for the Taiko WebRing to find your listing.
You can get your Password here also if you forget it. (It will be emailed to you, for privacy)
Subscribe to Taiko Ring at Yahoo Groups. Here members can announce events and activities, and share technical information about the art of taiko drumming. There is also TaikoChat where you can talk in real time to players around the world.

You may add the following HTML Code Fragment to your homepage somewhere. You can copy and paste it in. Be sure this code is located on the page with the URL you submitted. It must be visible when the page you submitted is loaded. This is required to join the ring. Frames users may submit the URL of their frame document, but the Code Fragment must be on the primary page of the site, when seen, to keep the ring site active.
When your submitted site is active in the ring you will be notified by the RingMaster via Email.


<!--- begin Taiko Ring International Code Fragment --></P>
<IMG Border=0 SRC="taikoringlogo.GIF" ALT="Taiko Ring logo"><BR> This
<A HREF="http://H.webring.com/hub?ring=odaiko&id=site_id&hub" TARGET="_top">"Taiko Ring International"</A> site is owned by
<a href="mailto:Ename@domain.ABC?subject=Taiko WebRing Site"> --NAME--</a>.<P>
| <a href="http://H.webring.com/go?ring=odaiko&id=site_id&prev" TARGET="_top">Previous</a> |
<a href="http://H.webring.com/go?ring=odaiko&id=site_id&next" TARGET="_top">Next</a> |
<a href="http://H.webring.com/go?ring=odaiko&id=site_id&random" TARGET="_top">Random</a> |
<a href="http://H.webring.com/hub?ring=odaiko&id=site_id&hub" TARGET="_top">Taiko Ring List</a> |
<A HREF="http://www.mninter.net/~thomasjp/taikoring.html#join" TARGET="_top">
Join Taiko WebRing </A> |</CENTER></TD></TABLE><P>
<!--- end Taiko Ring International Code Fragment -->

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To communicate, email the RingMaster
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