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The BoardMan Blood Tracker, is an attempt to take an inexpensive, ordinary LED flashlight and convert it to a sportsmans aid to track blood trails from game.

This style flashlight can be found at many places, including Harbor Frieght and convience store gas stations. They sell for anywhere from $4.99 to $10.00.

I have tried several different red and blue emitting LEDS of different wavelenghts to enhance the visiablity of a blood trail. I have found fresh blood to be fairly easy to see with the aid of this light. Dried blood or blood on the ground in areas where there are many red or orange colored leafs, buds or berries makes it more difficult to destinquish the blood from those items.

These instructions are free for educational purposes to experiment with and come up with an even more effective blood tracker. More experimenting with other combination of Red to Blue LEDS or LEDs of different wavelenghts could greatly increase it usefullness in more types of forests. If you discover a different combination of Red or Blue leds which are more effective please send me a note and I will add those links to this page.

Download the FREE BoardMan Blood Tracker Plans Here

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