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Friends of Bassett Creek

And Their

Watershed Restoration Efforts

The Friends of Bassett Creek watershed restoration efforts are at this time focused mainly in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a vision to create a vibrant urban green space in the Bassett Creek corridor and improve the water quality of this Mississippi River tributary.

Friends of Bassett Creek was formed in 1994 to help coordinate creek issues primarily in the Bryn Mawr and Harrison neighborhoods of Minneapolis. Our activities include or have included:

The Friends of Bassett Creek is interested in working with other agencies with the replanting of native trees, shrubs, forbs and grasses along the creek corridor. FBC is very interested in seeing the polluted sites along the creek remediated. Interests also include trying to find ways to encourage area property owners to reduce runoff pollution with techniques such as rain gardens. Restoration of creek natural features such as meandering, flood plains, adjacent wetlands, and daylighting of buried sections is of great interest. Friends of Bassett Creek is trying to play a role as a "voice for the creek" in government planning processes involved in our area.

Friends of Bassett Creek envisions a restored Bassett Creek that provides a clean water source to the Mississippi River. We also strive for a revitalized, replanted creek corridor that provides habitat for wildlife and recreation opportunities for local families. If you would like to become involved in helping us achieve this vision for a restored Bassett Creek in Minneapolis, please get in touch with us.

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