Olympic National Park Tour

Olympic National Park is one of those rare places that speak to my soul about our mystical and spiritual connection to nature.  Because this place is so much larger than life you are forced to look at the profound and interwoven relationships between humans and nature.

Falls near Sol Duc, ONP, Copyright 2000 Karen and James Byerly
Falls near Sol Duc
Hoh River, ONP, Copyright 2000 Karen and James Byerly
Hoh River in late afternoon light
In the photo at left you can see the traces of logging on the right side of the mountain.  This area is actually in the Olympic National Forest where we still harvest trees to meet our needs for wood.  One day this forest may regrow, but for now it reminds of us of how much we still depend on the bounty of this great land for our day to day needs.
Once each drop of the 140 plus inches of precipitation fall on the temperate rain forest it begins to collect into rivers like the Sol Duc and starts its journey to the sea.  Sol Duc means bubbling water and indeed you will find Sol Duc Hot Springs resort just south of Lake Crescent.  There's plenty of great hiking in the Sol Duc valley. Sol Duc Falls, ONP, Copyright 2000 Karen and James Byerly
Sol Duc Falls
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