Olympic National Park Tour

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Olympic National Park is as wild a place as you can find in the lower 48 states. It's so big that once you wander down a trail away from the nearest road you're not likely to see too many people.  The Park is also one of the most beautiful places you'll find anywhere. Rialto Beach Stroll, Copyright 2000 Karen and James Byerly
Hiking Rialto Beach
Hole in the Wall, ONP, Copyright 2000 Karen and James Byerly
Hole in the Wall
In Olympic National Park you'll find everything from sea shore to snow covered mountains, beautiful blue-green lakes, and glacier fed rivers running toward the sea.  You'll also find the second largest temperate rain forest in North America.  The only other place outside of North America that you can find a temperate rain forest is in New Zealand.
Venture up the Hoh River to the Hoh Rain Forest and you'll find a strange prehistoric world of giant sitka spruce and douglas fir covered in moss.  Remember to bring your raincoat because they get over 140 inches of rain per year which means there aren't too many dry days! Hoh River, ONP, Copyright 2000 Karen and James Byerly
Hoh River
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