Olympic National Park Tour

You'll find the most amazing beaches along the ocean in Olympic National Park.  Now that you're tired of hiking in the mountains and climbing to water falls you can walk along the nearly flat beaches.  Unless, of course, you decide to walk far enough to encounter one of the many headlands that jut out into the sea forming a nearly impassible wall. Sea Stack, Rialto Beach, ONP, Copyright 2000 Karen and James Byerly
Sea Stacks
Hiking on the beach, ONP, Copyright 2000 Karen and James Byerly
Hiking Rialto Beach
Remember to dress appropriately.  The weather in the Park can change suddenly and dramatically.  In the same day you might see rain, wind and temperatures in the 50's and sun and temperatures in the 80's even in July.  Be especially careful at higher elevations where summer temperatures can dip below freezing.
Lake Crescent is one of the great jewels in the crown of Olympic National Park to paraphrase some time honored cliché.  There are many day hikes in this area including the very popular hike to Marymere Falls. Crescent Lake, ONP, Copyright 2000 Karen and James Byerly
Lake Crescent
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