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I Got A Secret, by Willie Murphy 
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Willie Murphy, "I Got a Secret" (Muff Ugga).

Why has this singing piano man been such a fixture in Minneapolis' West Bank bars for
years? Because he injects imagination, personality and soul into even the most familiar
tunes. He jazzes up "Love Potion #9" like a scat-crazy voodoo medicine man. He turns
"Come on in My Kitchen" into a sly piano seduction. There's a rapturous intimacy on these
extended renditions that you can't experience in a bar.
(Jon Bream and Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune)

Piano Hits Willie Murphy/Willie Hits Piano
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Mr. Mature

Monkey In The Zoo
Click this speaker to hear Keep On Rocking The Boat Keep On Rocking The Boat
Click this speaker to hear Keep On Running "Keep On Running"
Click this speaker to hear Keep On Running "I Just Wanna Be"


Willie Murphy & The Angel Headed Hipsters:
Hustlin' Man Blues

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