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Links - to Some rain garden resources on the web:

Rain Gardens, A How-To Guide For Homeowners ,University of Wisconsin (A 32 page pdf for the do-it-yourself gardener - many good tips and includes suggestions of plants for different soils and sun).

R , Rain Gardens of West Michigan (A website dedicated to rain gardens - click on the "Create A Rain Garden" link for a 10 page pdf with tips on building your own rain garden).

 Rain Gardens, Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries - Applied Ecological Services (Includes a very good 4 page pdf with great tips to help you Build you own Rain Garden ).

Rainwater Gardens, Modeling Mother Nature
, City of Maplewood, Mn (A very good website with lots of wonderful rain garden information, includes some great plant layout designs for different types of rain gardens).

Plants for Stormwater Design
- Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

10,000 Rain Gardens , A Kansas City metropolitan area initiative. 

Build Your Own Rain Garden , Chesapeake Bay Foundation 

Links - to some raingarden articles and information :

Rain Gardens, A Household Way to Improve Water Quality in Your Community , U of Wisc - Extension.

Burnsville, Minnesota Rain Garden Study ,

Rain Garden Network , 

Plotting to Infiltrate, Try Rain Gardens , U of M Extension, Lorrie Stromme.

Rain Gardens: Something for Everyone , Ellen Considine, Engineering Dep't, University of Wisconsin.

'Rain Gardens' Help Recharge Ground Water , U of Wisc., Madison, Kenneth Potter.

On-Lot Infiltration Systems (pdf), Twin Cities Metropolitan Council BMP Manual  

Infiltration Basins , (pdf), Twin Cities Metropolitan Council BMP Manual . 

Stormwater Treatment System is a Work of Art , National Resources Defense Council.

Rainwater Garden: More Than Just A Pretty Space , Marge Hols.

Rainwater Gardens Are Attractive, Environmentally Friendly
, Lynn Underwood,

Bioretention Systems for Stormwater Management
, Ten Towns (pdf-large).

Rain Gardens
, The Green Institute, Green Space Partners, Storm Water Management.

Rain Gardens
, Virginia Department of Forestry.

Save The Rainwater -Rain Gardens
, Twin Cities Green Guide.

Maryland developer grows rain gardens to control residential runoff

Rain Garden / Bio-Retention Areas
, Port Towns CDC, Maryland.

Planting a Rain Garden
, Madison Magazine, Eric Ness.

Landscape Ecology & Landscape Architecture
, Barr Engineering, (large pdf, Raingardens on page 13). with questions, comments on webpage.  A cookie-free, non-invasive, non-tracking website. last update 006-mar-25
Friends of Bassett Creek | Living Water Gardens | Environmental Events Calendars