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Living Water Gardens

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-- Minneapolis: Upper River "Above the Falls" Master Plan : Informative excerpt from the official, city council approved, master plan for the Mississippi River front along North and North-east Minneapolis. This excerpt describes Living Water Gardens and city plans to build a Living Water Garden on the Mississippi River front in Minneapolis.

-- Keepers of the Waters : A non-profit organization bringing together artists, scientists and community to initiate projects that restore, preserve and remediate water sources in visible, educational, recreational and culturally integrated ways.

-- St Paul: Hamline University, "Rivers Through Time" : A Living Water Garden plan diagram at Hamline University's Center for Global Environmental Education Rivers of Life initiative.

-- Whole Earth Magazine Article on 'Living Water Gardens' : Betsy Damon and Anne Mavor comment on the Living Water Gardens of Chengdu, China and elsewhere.

-- China's Living Water Garden : Article at written by Anne Mavor who is a principal member of the organization Keepers of the Waters.

-- Concepts in Action: Keepers of the Waters : Article at on Living Water Gardens and Keepers of the Waters.

On 14-May 2002, Jill Jacoby conducted a presentation on Living Water Gardens at the Harrison Neighborhood Community Center, 503 Irving Av N, Minneapolis - ( map ) , ( map ) .

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