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Below is posted the Sepember 28, 2000 letter of concern written by the Golden Valley chapter of the League of Women Voters. ----- ds


September 28, 2000

Mayor Anderson and Council Members
Golden Valley City Hall
7800 Golden Valley Road
Golden Valley, MN 55427

To Mayor Anderson and Council Members:

The League of Women Voters promotes public understanding and participation in decision making as essential elements of responsible and responsive management of our natural resources.

The Board of the League of Women Voters of Golden Valley is concerned about negotiations currently underway in the City of Golden Valley involving a gift of land from General Mills to the city or its designated non-profit organization. That land transfer includes city support of General Mills continued and increased use of aquifer water for once pass through cooling of its facilities.

•    What steps did the city follow to get to this stage in the process?

•    What information was given to the city council regarding the environmental impact of this kind of use of aquifer water?

•    How was the information made available to the public and when was their input sought?

•    What is the potential impact on the Bassett Creek Watershed?

•    Was the Bassett Creek Water Management Commission notified or consulted?

•    Did the city get information from the Department of Natural Resources before joining a lawsuit as a friend of the General Mills position?

•    Will Golden Valley citizens get information about this project too late to affect any decisions?

We ask the city to provide the council and the public with adequate and timely information on this topic so that they have the opportunity to make informed decisions and have real input on the final outcome.


Mary Hepokoski

Barb Juliar

League of Women of Voters of Golden Valley Board
6473 Westchester Circle, Golden Valley, MN 55427

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