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Below is posted the chart for well 27011 in New Hope. Being about 5 miles almost due north of the General Mills site, this well is closer than the two wells in the EAW. Wells 27010 and 27039 listed in the EAW are both about 8 miles from GM. This chart appears to me to show a 30 year general trend of draw down in the aquifer.

This and other well charts may be viewed at the following website: .
I am very busy with my day job and other activities, and have not had much time to study this website for charts of other nearby wells. Please send me an email if you happen to find any. --- ds



well:  27011

unique: 203542


nearTown: NEW HOPE

twp: 118,    rng: 21W,    sec: 7

compdate: 06/30/1959

depth: 422

dia: 16,   screen: 0,   caseDepth: 339

caseMatl: S,    meas_pt: 2.15

aquifer:  CJDNCJDN

USGSsite: 450223093231801

quad: R16C,    watershed: 20

read: YES,     coCode: 27

swcd: Hennepin,     region: 6

remarks: 4-19-2000  Today changed the MP from 3.00 to 2.15 based upon the measurement by Mike Liljegren on 3/17/2000.  Also changed all "obs" values in obs.dbf to reflect this corrected MP value.  TLG

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