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The Twin Cities Radio Theatre Workshop

SOUNDSTORIES: -- out of your radio, through your ears, and into your imagination.

Workers at the craft and arts of Audio Theater,
a medium where almost everything is left to the imagination.

Tapes are available of SOUNDSTORIES: productions:

  • If you would like to submit scripts for consideration, or inquire about volunteering as a writer, director, actor, musician, or sound effects technician, please contact us. You can also ask about program tape distribution.

    Our Address is:

      1600 University Ave. West
      Suite 9
      St. Paul, MN 55104

    Call Jerry at (612) 722-2907,
    or Don at (651) 646-2829
    E-mail to

    Script Guidelines

    • Scripts must be in Radio Script format.
    • Length: between 2 and 26 minutes. (Negotiable)
    • Number the pages.
    • Include a cover letter with your name,
      address, telephone, & E-mail address.
    • We will work with writers to develope scripts for good audio.

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