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January - March, 2001 Programs.

NPR Playhouse is divided into four "genres." Each of the half-hours per week belongs to a particular area of drama. (NOTE: Playhouse 2 & 3 are combined this quarter because the programs are one hour long.) These areas are broadly defined as follows.

NPR NPR Playhouse is a program series produced by the Cultural Programming division of National Public Radio. Programs are mostly purchased from independent production groups, or the BBC. Each week they uplink to the Public Radio Satellite four half-hours of more-or-less contemporary radio theater, or short story reading programs. Individual stations may carry only part of the Playhouse programs, may air them in a different order than they are numbered below, and many don't carry any of it at all. This listing gives only the order of the satellite feeds. Please call your local NPR station and urge them to run NPR Playhouse.

Many thanks to Andy Trudeau, Senior Producer of Cultural Programming at NPR, for the information contained here.

The NPR Playhouse satellite feeds are each Tuesday, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM, EST. Stations will likely air them at some other time during the week.
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Information on radio stations in the Twin Cities that play Radio Theater.

NOTE: Playhouse II and III are combined for 2000x, an hour-long program.

  NPR Playhouse I - Classics


  NPR Playhouse II - American Tales 


  NPR Playhouse III - Sci-fi / Mystery / Adventure


  NPR Playhouse IV - Open Stage / Contemporary Tales


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