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Axis & Allies Combat Analysis Program
by J.C. Hamlin

This program uses a Monte Carlo Simulation to predict all the possible outcomes of a battle and help you make an informed decision when making an attack or planning a defense. It supports all Axis & Allies standard edition units (including special units) and rules. It includes cababilities to analyze both land and sea battles and includes multiple attack and defense strategies.

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This program is SHAREWARE. Feel free to distribute it as you wish, but if you keep this program then I encourage you to register it. This entitles you to free future versions when they are released. Registration is only $10. It's not that much money and your registrations will make version 3.0 possible so please take the time to register.

This program was released in 1993 and it's now 2005 and there are over 200 registered users! Thank you to everyone who registered and made version 2.1 possible! As always, suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Axis & Allies is a registered trademark of Milton Bradley.

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