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Gene's Home Page

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Hello, and welcome to my home page!
I see you did manage to find it! Wasn't so bad was it!?

Check in now and then to see recent updates.
There is a lot to be added and always changes to be made.

Enjoy your visit!

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Pictures of me and my family with information on some of our many interests.


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Pictures from family events are now in a new section called ALBUMS

Photo Albums

Pictures and text about our Spring 2002 trip to Norway.

Norway Trip

Pictures and text about our Spring 1999 trip to Fiji and Sydney.


Art works and how they have been done.


Pictures from Christopher's Art Show.

Art Show

Family data, short stories, and oral history transcriptions.

Family History

(Relatives new and old). Pictures, announcements, etc.

Extended Family

Flag of Norway

As part of the extended family I've also been involved with the Nordfjord Lag for some time and am currently Vice President.  For more information on the Lag see Nordfjordlaget in America.  

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Thanks for dropping by.
Send comments and constructive critiques to - me(of course)

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