Kim Hostrawser's Vintage Barbie Home Page.
I have always wanted my own Home Page, now I have a reason! Vintage collecting. I am happy to share my love of that 11 1/2" doll that seems to fascinate us all and has become an icon to our childhood.

My MOD dolls. My favorite MOD is Nape Curls Talking Barbies. Hair Fairs are another, but then, the Marlo Flips are divine . . .

My 3 favorite dolls wearing my favorite PAK Silk Sheaths. I set a goal to collect all the sheaths and after much searching I have them!

Here is my Titian American Girl in the Audrey Hepburn "Breakfast At Tiffany's" black fringed dress. Doesn't it look like it was made for vintage Barbie?

Here are some of my favorite places to cruise looking for that fascinating and irresistable lady:


Nolan's Home Page for Vintage and MOD Barbie

Jennifer Jones Vintage Barbie Restoration

Sandi Holder's Posting Board

PonyTales Barbie Collecting Posting Board

eBay Listings: Vintage Barbie

Kim's Doll Page

D's Dolls Vintage Barbie Homepage

Must Be Vintage

Regina's Home Page of Barbies

Lisa Mainetti's Vintage Barbies for Sale

LipsByDan Doll Restoration specializing in Talking Barbie Repair

Doll Universe: The most comprehensive link for any and all doll related information

My Blonde American Girl in Sophisticated Lady. Lots of dress for a small doll!


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My "Ladies Who Lunch".

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