Gonzo Food Critics Review: M&S Grill

M&S Grill

By Grace O'Laochdha

Pearls: 2 out of 5

Umů in their favor, the waitress and maitre d' were very nice.

M&S Grill is the steakhouse offshoot of McCormick & Schmick Seafood chain. In other words, I should have known better.

I should also admit that I didn't have steak, and it is supposed to be a steakhouse. Maybe a steak would have been better. I actually went in there because I wanted steak, but once I was seated I wanted carpaccio. I ended up having the seared scallops, beef carpaccio, and the Waldorf salad, with the ever-underrated Columbia Crest chardonnay

The scallops were OK but not great. They were served with deep-fried, heavily-salted avocado slices an an interesting lime-flavored aioli sauce.

The carpaccio was not bad, exactly, but blander than I've had other places. I actually had to squeeze lemon on it, which I've never done before. It was sprinkled with parmesan and had squeeze bottle mayonnaise squirted over it. Seriously. I had to scrape it off. I usually like mayonnaise, but it was all you could taste!

I got really irritated when the salad came. It featured grapes and overcooked chicken and miniscule slivers of apple in a mass of celery. There were no nuts on it, which there should have been (not only because that's what makes it a Waldorf salad but also because the menu said so), so I pointed that out to the waitress and she brought me a side dish of candied walnuts. They turned out to be the best part of the meal.

I don't think this restaurant will do that well. It's sandwiched between two real steakhouses, and the M&S Seafood restaurant is only three blocks away.


50 South Sixth Street
At the corner of Sixth and Nicollet
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402
(612) 333-2345
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