Gonzo Food Critics Review:Morelos Tex-Mex

Morelos Tex-Mex

By Grace O'Laochdha


Pearls: 3 out of 5.

Yes, it's Tacos Morelos - they changed their name. Apparently the previous name gave people the impression that they served only Tacos.

Since the Tacos Morelos at 14 W. 26th Street in Minneapolis was one of the worst dining experiences in my life (See "Worst restaurants in Minneapolis") you can imagine how hungry I had to be to venture in to the (then) Tacos Morelos in Richfield at 2 W 66th Street. It had been a long day, and pickings are slim in Richfield.

I was completely stunned. It was the polar opposite of my experience in Minneapolis. The service was brisk and the food was very good. Just for the hell of it, I ordered the same dish I had had in Minneapolis: the beef enchilada. This time the cheese was melted, not congealed, and the mole sauce was excellent.

I've been back several times since then. My only complaint is that the tortilla chips are always stale, but I don't care much about chips. My vegetarian roommate has also been very happy with everything she's ordered there.

Morelos Mex-Grill
2 West 66th Street
Richfield, Minnesota
(612) 243-9699

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