Gonzo Food Critics Review: Marla's Indian and Caribbean Cuisine

Marla's Indian and Caribbean Cuisine

By Grace O'Laochdha

Marla's Indian and Caribbean Cuisine

Formerly Natraj India Kitchen (http://www.natrajkitchen.com/)

Formerly The Moghuls

Formerly Delights of India

Pearls: 4 out of 5

Please see my review of Natraj India Kitchen.

Natraj India Kitchen is under new ownership. The Indian menu hasn't changed but they are introducing some Caribbean food as well.

Since the name change, the lamb has been a bit tough and the "medium" spice level has become mild. I still recommend it, but you might want to ask for a higher level of spice than you usually do, and if the lamb is tough, tell them about it so they can fix that. I took off a pearl, but they're still my favorite place to eat in Minneapolis.

1123 W. Lake Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Phone: (612) 823 2866
Fax: (612) 823 0608

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