Linda's Avian Documentary Videos

Linda's Avian Documentary Videos

My name is Linda Merritt and I have produced two Documentaries on owning and raising parrots. Below, I have a few clips from my videos. All clips are in Real Media format. These are my personal property, and should be considered copyrighted. Feel free to right-click and save to your hard drive, but do not repost these videos to any other website without my permission. Thanks. Also, keep in mind, these are big files, as the clips are long!


Video Clip #1: My friend Dave raises pet parrots. Here are some clips of his cute baby birds. (1,561KB)

Video Clip #2: More baby parrots.(1,581KB)

Video Clip #3: Feeding time at Dave's house. His baby parrots demand food!

Video Clip #4: More baby parrots being fed and cared for.

No copyrights given or implied. For educational & entertainment use only.

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