Gonzo Food Critics Review: Brit's Pub Part "Duh"

Brit's Pub, Part "Duh"

By Grace O'Laochdha

I know what you're thinking - she already trashed the place, so why does she keep going back? Really, it's not a vendetta. It's just that it's next to the YWCA where I work out, so I frequently walk past it when I'm really hungry.

I've been there two more times. The first time, I had the Mango Chicken Salad. The lettuce was inferior and the chicken was tasteless, but the mango was perfect, the mint dressing was very interesting and complimented the mango well, and the server was quite nice.

The next time, I ordered bangers and mash. The sausages were dry and bland, the potatoes were lumpy, the gravy had no seasoning to speak of, the peas were frozen, and the whole mess was served up cold.

Good job they have Bass Ale on tap.


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