Gonzo Food Critics Review: Brit's Pub

Brit's Pub

By Grace O'Laochdha
Pearls: 2 out of 5

In 1998, Bon Appetite magazine wrote that London was no longer the culinary wasteland it once had been. Brit's Pub is still the culinary wasteland that London once was.

If you are starving, get the Cornish Pasty. Actually, that's pretty much true of any English pub. Brit's does get points for authenticity.

The last time I was at Brit's, the hostess tried to seat me in a hallway next to the restroom, even though the pub was virtually empty, so we were not off to a good start. I ordered the "Stilton Burger with Chips" (which used to be my standby). The meat was overcooked, the bun was stale, the Stilton was melted to liquid, and the potatoes were undercooked.

On previous visits, I've sampled: vegetables that had come out of a can and then been over-boiled, "bread pudding" that seemed to be Jell-O instant pudding with cubed bread thrown in, and fried fish that was entirely without flavor.

Now, if you just want a beer, by all means, stop in. Most of the pub is beautiful, with the exception of the recently-opened northern-most room, which is a real eyesore. Don't let them seat you there. I'm hoping they'll fix it up to match the rest of the pub some day, but not holding my breath.


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