Leikvold 14 February 1894

Dear Uncle,

It is almost a year gone by since I received your letter - which was so welcome - and bring you my heartfelt thanks for writing me. I’m ashamed I didn’t answer before this. You might think I was not happy to hear from you, but that is not so. For you can be sure and see by the letter you will help me and I thank you so much, but they seem to think I am too young to go out in the world. But if I should come to you dear uncle, I would be like a wild bird to get to you. But if we live, maybe I will get to come if you will only help me to get there.

Grandpa thinks too, it was nice of you to have such compassion for me. I can tell you I am well and go to school every other week and you can be sure I have gotten big. I am taller than Aunt Marit and half a head taller than Aunt Ingeborg. I would like to have a picture taken of me, so I could send you, but as I am not yet able to earn any money, so that will have to wait.

I was home for Christmas, and they wanted me to stay home until after Ingebigths’ Nessets funeral, but I had to start school the next day. And the funeral would be til the 4th of Jan. We have stricter school laws, now - This summer Aunt Sigre wants me to herd for her - so will try to see how that will go.

As for news - I don’t know only Johaune Vikebakken has twins born the 1st of Feb - they are living and starting to grow.

This will be all for now - I am still not a good letter writer, but hope next time it will be better. Sorry I waited so long before I wrote you. It is my wish that I will hear from you again. Hope you are well.

Brynhild Pedersdatter Leikvold

Shall greet you from Grandpa - he is still quite well.
I am sending this letter unpaid, as you promised I could do that.

Dear Andrew,

Also a little greeting from me at the same time, and thank you for the words to me in the letter. It was not very nice of Brynhild not to have written before, but it is not our fault. She is not good at writing letters yet - so put it off - so I want to thank you for the offer you gave Brynhild, and that you think so much of her. - but to send her so far away alone we can not do - when you do not come back on a trip then she could have gone back with you, but I understand that you will not do, when you did not come with your friend this summer. But if you cannot find it in your heart to come back you will have to live with your conscience (samvittighed)

Will close - live well -
Greetings, Ingeborg G. Leikvold